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Do you have to be Christian to participate?

The Redeemed Writers Group welcomes participants of all faiths, seekers, and nonbelievers. We expect everyone who participates to be respectful of differences in beliefs, nonbelief, traditions, and practices. The Group is geared towards those who profess the Protestant faith and as such there will be discussion based on the Bible and prayer.

Do you have to write about Christian themes to participate?

Some of our members choose to write overtly about their faith and to write for a Christian audience. However, many of our members write using symbolism or choose to write about topics, and using language, that reflects a secular worldview. All are welcome.

What does it mean to be a "member" of the Redeemed Writers Group? 

We use the word "member" to loosely describe regular participants of the Redeemed Writers Group. There is no creed members must agree to nor are there any membership dues. Participants are welcome to attend as frequently or infrequently as they'd like.

I write [insert genre]. Do you include that genre?

We welcome writers of all genres. Within the group, there are art critics, biographers, children’s book authors, comedians, copywriters, devotional writers, editors, essayists, graphic novelists, horror writers, journalists, memoirists, novelists, playwrights, podcast hosts, poets, screenwriters, social media managers, songwriters, and teachers.

Is the group open to all levels?

Yes! Our members include hobbyists who write for their own enjoyment and edification, as well as award-winning published authors.

Are you part of Redeemer Presbyterian Church?

The Redeemer Writers Group was originally founded by Redeemer Presbyterian Church (established by Pastor Tim Keller) and the Center for Faith & Work in New York City. It has been led by many well-respected leaders over the years, and the Group is thankful for the years of support and guidance it received. In 2020, the Group became independent under the name the Redeemed Writers Group.

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