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Behind the Banter





The Redeemed Writers Group crafts words to be light in a dark space, wildflowers breaking through cracks in the pavement, water to thirsty souls. The group seeks the flourishing of New York City and the world, the group has been meeting monthly for over a decade. Comprised of 200+ professional and aspiring writers of every genre, attendees come seeking:

• Spirit-filled and Spirit-led community 

• Feedback on their works in progress

• Resources to support their professional pursuits.


Within the group, there are art critics, biographers, children’s book authors, comedians, copywriters, devotional writers, editors, essayists, graphic novelists, horror writers, journalists, memoirists, novelists, playwrights, podcast hosts, poets, screenwriters, social media managers, songwriters, and teachers. Some are hobbyists who write for their own enjoyment and edification, while others are award-winning writers who have appeared at legendary arts institutions around New York, including the Bowery Poetry Club, Don’t Tell Mama, the Nuyorican Poets Café, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the 92nd St. Y.


The current leaders are Debra Ayis, Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, and Stephanie Nikolopoulos.

Originally called the Redeemer Writers Group, the Group was founded by Redeemer Presbyterian Church (established by Pastor Tim Keller) and the Center for Faith & Work in New York City. It has been led by many well-respected leaders over the years, and the Group is thankful for the years of support and guidance it received. In 2020, the Group became independent under the name the Redeemed Writers Group.




The Redeemed Writers Group’s mission is to encourage and equip writers in community, to God’s glory. We believe one way to do this is through fellowship and deeper connection building around our calling and gifts as writers.

To this end, we facilitate:

• Monthly Meetings that equip through Faith and Writing discussions, writing critique, and prayer;

• Readings twice a year that celebrate our work and our community, to God’s glory;

• Special Programs such as panel discussions and conferences that equip us to create excellent works, to God’s glory;

• Write-ins, Social Gatherings, and Prayer Nights that deepen our connection to each other and our work, to God’s glory; and

• Collaborative Projects that bring us together to create in community, to God’s glory.

Currently, the Redeemed Writers Group is meeting once a month for virtual programming. We welcome members from all around the world.

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