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Redeemed Writers Group

Boat on Lake


This season we’re exploring the theme: "Get Out of the Boat".

Mark your calendars:
January 30:  Letting the Boat Go: Leaving the Crowds...
February 27:  Wind, Waves, & Wonder: Overcoming Writing Fears
March 26:  Walking on Water: Writing the Book/Script/Proposal...
April 30:  God Will Reach Out to You: Shifting Our Focus

Why "Get Out of the Boat"?
“Get Out of the Boat” is inspired by Matthew 14:22-33. Faced with a raging storm outside their boat, and Jesus walking toward them on the waves, the disciples are confronted with a stunning question that's almost more terrifying to contemplate than drowning: What would (or could) happen if they got out of the boat?

As writers we, too, are often fearful of taking a leap of faith toward Jesus and His call. We are scared of getting out of the boat.

And in the cases when we do, we often let fear of the "winds"--e.g. rejection, self-doubt, perfectionism, comparison, jealousy, health challenges, responsibilities to jobs and/or family that leave little time to think let alone write, finances (or the lack thereof), fear of negative or indifferent reception of our work, unexpected life changes, and so much more--stop us from moving forward in faith.

This semester, we'll explore what might happen if, like Peter, we get out of the boat.

Some questions we'll consider: Why are we so often afraid of writing and putting our writing out there? What does it mean to trust in God and in our writing in the midst of a storm? Why should we get out of the boat; why should we write?

Contact Us: You can email if you have any announcements to share with the group or questions.


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